Established in 1986, EB Pharma is an integrated pharmaceutical company focused on sales and marketing. All our products are prescription drugs, and most of them are in therapeutic areas of CNS and neuroscience. In addition to being a marketing partner for Novartis (including pre-merger era) for nearly 30 years and Menarini for nearly 10 years, EB Pharma also holds many self-branded generic marketing authorizations, through contract research and contract manufacturing, which gives us access to powerful and promising pipeline products without directly engaging in research and manufacturing. Recently, EB Pharma also imports specialty generic products from abroad, further consolidating our product portfolio. In sales and marketing, EB Pharma emphasizes on the added values of our products and services. When marketing innovator and specialty generic products, we focus on hosting academic symposia/seminars, as well as frequent detailing meals, to solidly position the products in prescription behavior cycles as well as distinguishing from other products with similar indications. On the other hands, for ordinary generics, we strive to be the first generic on the market, to take advantage of the initial oligopolistic market.